Sri Lalita Parameswari Tri Shakti Peetham

– Penusila Kshetram, Andhra Pradesh, India –

At Amma’s Penusila Ashram, a beautiful and divinely powerful temple for Divine Mother has been constructed. Every detail of the temple construction has been guided by Amma, who has used her vast knowledge of vastu sastra in designing the temple. Because the three main forms of Divine Mother are worshipped here, the temple is known as “Tri Shakti Peetham,” or “The Sacred Abode of Three Divine Energies.” In addition, Amma has empowered the main deities with the energy of Her own tapasya, performed over ten years in the Penusila Forest. Thus, Amma’s own divine energy has been installed in this sacred temple. Amma has said that there is no other place on Earth that has the same energy as this unique temple, and that this temple is the main center for Sri Lalita Parameswari’s divine energy.

Amma has said that this temple is “Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam,” meaning that the energy of Manidweepa itself is contained in the temple. Manidweepa, of course, is the celestial abode of Sri Lalita Parameswari. She has further commented that there is no other place on Earth that has the same energy as this unique temple, and that this temple is the main center for Sri Lalita Parameswari’s divine energy.

The Worship of Divine Mother Grants Supreme Protection

For the sake of world peace and universal welfare, many pujas are being performed in the temple on a regular basis. Those who perform or sponsor this worship are blessed abundantly by Divine Mother. At the time of worship, uniquely powerful rays of divine energy emanate from the granite murthi, or carved image, of Devi. These rays form a shield of protection around the devotees, reducing any negative energy and destroying any sins. The waves of energy flowing from the Sri Chakra Meru bestow endless positive energy on the devotees, such that they and their families shine brightly with good health, happiness, and every kind of prosperity.

All the pujas have been designed to help devotees overcome every kind of difficulty in life, whether spiritual, emotional, physical, or financial.  All proceeds from temple sponsorships support Amma’s spiritual mission of peace, contentment, and self-realization for all beings, through the sacred Vedic traditions and wisdom of Sanatana Dharma- the Eternal Truth. This is an excellent opportunity to receive divine blessings while supporting the spiritual evolution of our loved ones, families, and our global village.

Consecration of Sri Bharat Mata Idol

March 6th to 8th, 2004

On March 8 of 2004, in the Sri Swabhanu nama year in the Phalguna masa, bahula dvitiya, Monday at ‘Sripuram’, Penusila Kshetram, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh in the Sri Mathrudevi Vishwashanthi Ashram, the consecration of Sri Sri Sri Lalita Parameswari Devi and Sri Bharat Mata idols took place in the new temple.

Our Beloved Mother, Bhagavati Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi, showered Her grace upon one and all with the glorious inauguration of the most blessed Sri Lalita Parameswari Devi temple and Bharat Mata Mandir with Maha Kumbha Abhishekam from the 6th to the 8th of March, 2004. This celebration inaugurated the first temple in the world that is solely dedicated to Sri Lalita Parameswari, the Supreme Goddess of the Universe.

The Maha Kumbha Abhishekam Mahotsavam is the culmination of over 12 years of dedicated planning and meticulous construction on the resplendent grounds of the Penusila Ashram.  The ceremonies included the most auspicious and rare installation of Sri Lalita Parameswari Devi which is the main deity of the temple.  The Sri Bharata Mata idol was installed in the Purnaprajna Meditation Hall located on the ground floor of the temple.  Simultaneously the idols of Sri Ganesha, Sri Subramanya, Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi, Sri Saraswati Devi, and Sri Gayathri Devi were consecrated.

mata bhumi putroham pruthivyaha

This is an extract from Atharvana Veda which means “Mother Earth is my Mother, I am the son of this Mother Earth”.

Every heart should shine with the eternal flame of patriotism. Intense devotion towards the Mother and immense love towards the country, has manifested itself in the form of Sri Bharata Mata Mandir. It is a sacred land of austerity and penance.

The foundation of the temple is filled with tons of kumkum, turmeric, sindhur and sandal powder which was used to worship the Sri Chakra Meru with the most sacred and powerful 93 crores (930 million) of Sri Lalita Sahasranama. The sanctum sanctorium contains the sands of most sacred holy places, and the most auspicious Shaligramas, and hence is tremendously powerful, making it a Maha Shakti Peetham.

During the Maha Kumbha Abhishekam, 1008 “kalashas” will be arranged with the holy waters of the seven seas, Manasarovar, and with the waters of the Ganges and other sacred rivers. The Maha Kumha Abhishekam was performed using these sacred “kalashas” which was energized and sanctified by vedic chants. To participate in such a great event is a once in a life time golden opportunity. Such participation negates all negative planetary influences, destroys all heinous sins, and eliminates all ailments.

In the Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, Sriman Narayana instructs Sri Narada Maharishi to worship Divine Mother as the only solution to release one’s self from all difficulties, trials and tribulations. One will be blessed with Mother’s universal protection through Her worship. Further, it is stated that whoever participates in a Maha Kumbha Abhishekam will experience peace and bliss for kalpas (countless eons of time).

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