Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Maha Puja

Tuesday May 11, 2021

This year Ugadi was celebrated on Tuesday.

Mars is the king of this year and since Mars is ruling, we see many untimely deaths, fire accidents, conflicts and thousands of people are still suffering from severe diseases.

For the sake of Kuja Graha Dosha Shanthi, we will be seeking the grace and blessings of Sri Subrahmanya Swamy. On May 11, 2021, at Manidweepa Mahasamasthanam under the Divine guidance of Her Holiness, Amma Sri Karunamayi, we will be performing very special and unique homams which are mentioned below to mitigate all doshas for all the raasi’s (Sun signs according to individual birth charts).


1)  Sri Sarpa Sukta Homam

•    This homam provides great protection from Kaala Sarpa Dosham and accidents.


2) Sri Subramanya Swamy’s Moola Mantra Japa Homam
•    This homam protects us from all worries at home, misunderstandings, suspicions, unrest, arguments, conflicts etc.
•    It also protects us from financial crises and helps to reduce expenses. If we receive the grace of Subrahmanya Swamy, bad habits, illicit behaviour and laziness, and many other problems will be reduced.
•    This year income is low and the cost of being ill is high. This homam is going to be performed to protect us from road accidents, to mitigate business losses and to prevent depression and frustration.


3) Sri Subramanya Swamy 108 Names Special Homam
•    One needs to be careful this year – Fear of untimely death, insults, health issues will occur in this period of Dasha Kaalam.
•    You will face serious hurdles in any new or existing tasks that you undertake.
•    Small remedies or solutions have been shown in jyotishya shastra and upon following them strictly you can avoid unknown obstacles that are in your way.
•    These 108 names of Sri Subrahmanya Swamy are most powerful, according to the mantra shastras.
•    Many unknown obstacles mentioned above, will melt like a snow when this special homam is performed on a Tuesday.
•    Because of the powers embedded in the 108 names of Sri Subrahmanya Swamy, many barriers will be eliminated, and you will achieve your results successfully, even though there may be a delay.


4) Pragnya Vivardhana Sri Subramanya Swamy Vaari Gnaana Vignaana Maya Homam
•    Some people consume lot of alcohol. This homam will help those who are dealing will alcohol-related issues.
•    The homam improves communication and speech, prudence in education and wealth of words.
•    During the phase of Kantaka Shani (Kantaka Shani means Saturn acts as a spine in the leg and the person will have to face downfall in all the activities of life) illicit behaviour happens, unnecessary commotion takes places, rejection by others, unsolicited accusations and although we have the capacity and opportunities to study, this phase will hinder the ability to study.
•    The blessings and results from Sri Subramanya Swamy Vaari Pragnya Vivardhana homam include enhancing concentration, wisdom and intelligence. The prayer used during the homam was taught by Lord Subrahmanya Himself.


5) Sri Valli Devasena Sametha Sri Subramanya Swamy Gayatri Mantra Homam
Performing this homam will help with improving your financial security, reduce expenses, reduce health issues and reduce the hurt caused by insults and criticism.


HOMAM DURATION: Approx. 2 hrs


Sponsorship: $201 for up to 4 Sankalpa Names or ‘Saha Kutumbasya’.
Please follow guidelines on sponsorship form for entering sankalpa names.

Sponsorship closes at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, May 10th

Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Maha Puja at Manidweepa


Gain the grace and blessings of Sri Subrahmanya Swamy to reduce the malefic effects of the planet Mars.

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