Sri Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam

“Manidweepa”, the Island of Gems, is the celestial home of Divine Mother, Sri Lalita Parameswari Devi.   With the Divine Grace of our beloved Amma, Bhagavati Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi, Penusila has been granted the boon of receiving the very same Divine energy of “Manidweepa” on this physical earth in the form of the auspicious and sacred temple of Sri Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam.

This exquisitely beautiful and ornate temple, with 108 white marble steps leading to the temple entrance, is adorned with various deities, the sacred Bilva and Raja Kadamba trees, as well as the Rahu/Ketu shrine right at the stairway’s entry. These white marble steps are also guarded by the vehicles of Sri Lalita Parameswari, the Lions of Dharma, that remind us “If you have righteousness you have everything.  In righteousness, you have strength, will power, wisdom, truth, true devotion and inner beauty”, as said by Amma Herself.

When entering the temple doors one is Graced with the vision of the “Tri Shakti Peetham,” which houses the most powerful energies of Sri Maha Lakshmi, Sri Maha Saraswati, and Sri Lalita Parameswari Devi, which Amma Herself has infused with Her own divine energy.  This Shakti Peetham is the Home of Divine Mother and holds untold power and energy.

The main temple walls are adorned with statues of Devi, in a myriad of forms, depicting the infinite aspects of Divine creation.  The inner sanctum sanctorium is blessed with the sacred Divine murthis of Sri Lalita Parameswari as the main deity, with Shakara Bhagavan in the form of the Shiva Lingam, the powerful and sacred Shaligramas, and the mystical Sri Chakra Meru representing all of creation and existence.  The power emanating from these Murthis is exemplified by the very fact that the most auspicious Sri Chakra Meru is radiating 174 crores of subtle energy vibrations in each and every moment. The main sanctum sanctorium is flanked immediately right and left with the idols of Sri Ganesha and Sri Subramanya, with a Sri Maha Lakshmi shrine to the right, and a Sri Maha Saraswati shrine to the left of Sri Lalita Parameswari Devi, all with their respective vehicles.

Secret to most, the ground floor of the Sri Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam temple is garlanded with a shrine dedicated to the Sapta Rishis along with the idol of Sri Bharat Mata who adorn this sacred Purnaprajna Meditation Hall.   It is in this very special shrine that the Sapta Rishis and Holy Sages meditate and offer blessings to all of humankind, especially during the sacred festival of Navaratri which marks the 10 days of celebration in honor of Divine Mother.


With the foundation of the temple filled with tons of sacred kumkum, turmeric, sindhur and sandal powder holding crores of the Divine Sri Lalitha Sahasranama vibrations, and the Holy Shikara garnishing the temple’s top as the Sahasrara chakra, the Sri Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam represents the entire cosmos with Divine Mother as the Absolute Supreme Consciousness.

Sacred Shaligrama


Sri Chakra Meru

Yantra Puja

Sri Ganesha


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