How to Sponsor a Special Puja or Homa

To learn more about the specific ceremonies and become a sponsor please click on the links below. To sponsor a ceremony you may register for sponsorship online . For questions regarding homa and puja sponsorship and prasadam, please contact us using the form below.

All of the ceremonies have been selected by Amma for their uniquely protective, purifying, and uplifting vibrations, so that all who attend or sponsor the ceremonies will receive tremendous blessings.

Special Sponsorship Options

Sponsorships for Sri Ganesha on a special day of your choice

Sri Ganesha helps to remove any obstacle, even those that seem hopeless and insurmountable. With Sri Ganesha’s grace, any kind of financial, mental, physical or spiritual obstacle can be overcome.

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Sponsorships for Divine Mother on a special day of your choice

Divine Mother grants every auspicious blessing to her beloved children. For students and those who seek blessings for intelligence, creativity, and memory power, Sri Saraswati Puja is best. For those who seek blessings for their business or financial situation, Sri Lakshmi Puja is very beneficial. Sri Chakra Puja or worship of Sri Lalita Devi grants the highest spiritual consciousness, every kind of divine virtue, and the ultimate liberation.

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Sponsorships for Lord Shiva on a special day of your choice

Lord Shiva grants inner peace, freedom from every kind of disease, and the ability to sit in deep meditation for extended periods of time. Mrutyunjaya Homa is specifically recommended for the healing of any kind of disease or mental disturbance.

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Sponsorships for Other Deities on a special day of your choice

Lord Subrahmanya is known as a spiritual warrior with great inner strength and courage. He is none other than the sacred kundalini energy, and he brings abundant blessings for tremendous spiritual growth and purification.  Lord Hanuman is the most faithful and devoted servant of Lord Rama, and he blesses us with faith, devotion, and the ability to serve God.  Guru Pada Puja blesses us with a strong connection to the guru.  Puja to Mother Cow (Go Puja) allows us to offer our love and gratitude to Mother Nature, and also brings the blessings of Lakshmi Devi, who is present within the sacred cow.

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