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Sri Dakshinamurthy Swami abhishekam and puja


Lord Dakshinamurthy, who is considered as the Adi Guru (ultimate guru) and the symbolism of highest wisdom, awareness, understanding, and knowledge. He is also hailed as the master of the Shastras and a teacher of music, yoga, meditation, and other art forms.

The exceedingly rare puja to Lord Shiva as the “Silent Guru” of Arunachala bestows the unimaginable blessings from the Guru of Gurus, removes the 24 tattvas (impurities) in our bodies giving us inner purity, material & spiritual wealth, and leads to liberation.

Performing abhishekam for Dakshinamurthy, the epitome of wisdom can dispel ignorance, impart knowledge, heighten awareness, and bestow wisdom. His blessings can help you to excel in academics and any field you choose and climb to higher levels with ease. You will receive blessings of Dakshinamurthy, remove ignorance, impart knowledge, help succeed in education and career. Helps students as well as professionals to score more in examinations and gain advanced knowledge in any sphere.