During the auspicious days of Navaratri, the Divine Mother is in Her most gloriously radiant and compassionate form. She is forgiveness personified and showers Her unconditional love and blessings to all who approach Her during this sacred time. It is a blessed opportunity to be able to participate in the ceremonies held over the nine days.

Worshiping Divine Mother on this very holy occasion of Navaratri brings one immense spiritual and material fulfillment. She offers Her motherly protection on all levels and grants all noble wishes.

Under the divine guidance of our beloved Mother, Karunamayi, Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi, several homas, pujas abhishekams, and annadanam will be performed everyday at the Manidweepa Maha Samsthanam, Amma’s Penusila Ashram. Participation in these ceremonies, especially during these highly charged 9 days, will bestow tremendous divine grace and spiritual upliftment to you and your family. Your gracious assistance will also help, through Amma’s grace, to bless the entire world. Purify the mind and remove all negativities; cultivate positive virtues; gain spiritual knowledge and transcend limitations by participating in these special seva sponsorships.

Navaratri Sponsorships | October 17 – 26

View all of the sponsorships that will be taking place during Navaratri so you can participate and receive divine blessings beyond description.


1 Day Poshaka Sponsorship

3 Day Maha Poshaka Sponsorship

6 Day Raja Poshaka Sponsorship

10 Day Maha Raja Poshaka Sponsorship


Receive the benefits of all of the Pujas and Homas performed during Navaratri. You will receive potent, energized prasadam that will continue to radiate the divine vibrations of the Navaratri Ceremonies in your home.


10-Day Annadanam – Feed People for Navaratri


By supporting this noble cause, sponsors will be helping feed the tens of thousands Divine Mother devotees that will attend the Navaratri Celebrations at the ashram.



Chandi Saptasati Parayanam

10 Days Chandi Saptasati Parayanam


Chandi Saptashati Parayanam is dedicated to Durga devi. This parayanam is one of the most powerful pujas that can be performed during these challenging times.



Navaratri Sri Chandi Homam

10 Days Sri Chandi Homam


Goddess Chandi is an embodiment of power and all the divine forces, who safeguards you from evil forces and perfects your mind and body. By worshiping the Divine Mother through this sacred fire ceremony, you can remove negative forces such as evil eye, curses, and obstacles and be bestowed with lasting health, wealth and prosperity as well as forgiveness from Divine Mother for any misdeeds.



10 Day Kalasam Stapanam


Remove the 7 year negative effects of Lord Saturn, Yelinati Shani with this 10 day puja to the kalasam (holy vessel).



10 Day Abhishekas of Goddess Sri Lalita Devi


Remove negativity and attract all kinds of positivity to your life by sponsoring the ritual holy bathing of Sri Lalita Devi during Navaratri.



10 Day Abhishekas of Maha Saraswati Devi


Attract the divine grace of Maha Saraswati to improve your knowledge, mental power, and intellect by sponsoring the ritual holy bathing during Navaratri.



Navagraha Shanti Homam – Oct. 17


Appease the powerful planetary deities with this special fire ritual to invoke their blessings, remove all obstacles in your life due to planetary afflictions and lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life.



Navaratri Ayush Homan

Ayush Homam – Oct. 18


Ayush Homa is performed to invoke the blessings of the archetype Ayur Devata, who can bestow you with longevity, good health, grant relief from mental trauma and energize some energy centers in the body.

Dakshinamurthy Homam

Dakshinamurthy Homam – Oct 19


Performing Dakshinamurthy Homa will help guide you on the right path to gain knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.



Subrahmanya Moola Mantra

Subrahmanya Moola Mantra Homam – Oct. 20


Propitiating Lord Subranamya by performing this homam can help you attain immense prosperity by ensuring success, victory over enemies and overall success.

Saraswati Devi Homam with White Lotuses – Oct 21


This auspicious day is one of the best times of Navaratri for attracting the Grace of Sri Saraswati Devi.



Maha Saptami Vagdevi Saraswati Homam

Maha Saptami Sri Saraswati Puja – Oct. 22


The auspicious day Maha Saptami is the best time of Navaratri for attracting the Grace of Sri Saraswati Devi. Sponsoring this puja to the Goddess of Wisdom is recommended especially for students to improve their academics, develop righteous character and blossom spiritually.



Sri Maha Ganesha Lakshya (100,000) Moduka Homa – Oct. 23


Remove difficulties and obstacles in all aspects of life and be blessed with spiritual elevation and all kinds of wealth by sponsoring.



Vastu Shanti Homam

Vastu Shanti Homam – Oct. 24

Vastu Shanti homam is a spiritual and religious process to offer prayers to the Vastu Purusha who is the Lord, protector and soul of the house and seek the blessings for positivity and prosperity.

Vijayadasami Shami Tree Puja – Oct. 25

Vijayadashami is the celebration of victory. In Tretayug, Lord Ram defeated the demon king Ravana in Lanka and came to Ayodhya on Vijayadasami. Therefore, the day also marks the victory of good over evil.

Vijayadasami Sri Maha Chandi Homa – Oct. 25


Sponsor this unique homa and erase the most heinous karmas as well as receive abundant spiritual energy, protection, power, wealth and victory of all kinds.




Navaratri 2020: Vijayadasami – Amma’s 62nd Birthday Vastra Dhanam – Oct 25

Vijayadasami is the day that Her Holiness, Bhagavati Sri Sri Sri Vijayeshwari Devi, our beloved Amma took a human birth in this world. To celebrate Amma’s 62nd. birthday, we are requesting donations for a special Navaratri Vastra Dhanam – a practice of gifting clothing to the poor and needy.

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