Sri Rudram

Sri Rudram is the centre piece of the entire Vedas and appears in the fourth kaanda of the Thaittireeya Samhita of Yajur Veda. According to Sanatana Dharma, this supreme hymn has the power to attract divine positive energy (which means Siva), for the benefit of the practitioner, his or her household, the world, and the universe at large.

Sri Rudram conists of 11 chapters (Anuvakams) of Namakam and Chamakam. Namakam extols the divine light of creator reflected in the creation. Chamakam is prayer that invokes the grace of the divine in various material and spiritual powers which are in turn offered to the Supreme Being in surrender and sacrifice. Chanting Sri Rudram purifies the individual at all levels including the body, mind, and the intellect. Purification of the individual self leads to unity with the creation and creator, and ultimately realizing the divinity within ourselves and the entire creation.


Namakam Anuvakam 1

Namakam Anuvakam 2

Namakam Anuvakam 3

Namakam Anuvakam 4

Namakam Anuvakam 5

Namakam Anuvakam 6

Namakam Anuvakam 7

Namakam Anuvakam 8

Namakam Anuvakam 9

Namakam Anuvakam 10

Namakam Anuvakam 11

Tryambakam Mantra


Chamakam Anuvakam 2

Chamakam Anuvakam 3

Chamakam Anuvakam 4

Chamakam Anuvakam 5

Chamakam Anuvakam 6

Chamakam Anuvakam 7

Chamakam Anuvakam 8

Chamakam Anuvakam 9

Chamakam Anuvakam 10

Chamakam Anuvakam 11

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