Maha Shivratri at Manidweepa

FEBRUARY 18, 2023

We can begin to understand the Glory of Lord Shiva when one understands his unbounded love, infinite compassion and endless Grace. He is revered as the Lord who is easily pleased. The Vedas also go on to explain that the Lord has one extreme addiction. What affliction could possible take root in the heart of the Almighty?

The answer is that the Lord cannot control His habit to help those in need and to rush to the aid of the devout.


Amma’s 2023 Maha ShivaRatri Message

During this year’s Maha Sivaratri, , the Great Lord, Maha Dev will be worshiped at Manidweepa in the very auspicious form of the 5-faced Marakatam Jade Lingam, which has been enlivened by the performance of Ati Rudram ceremonies.

From early in the morning until the late hours of night, Lord Shiva will be worshiped through a number of very traditional and devotional ways. Both Sri Rudra Homam as well as Sri Rudra Abhishekam will be performed to promote worldwide harmony and healing through individual peace, prosperity and spiritual elevation.