How to Sponsor a Festival at Manidweepa Mahasamsthana

Please check the schedule below to find out when homas or pujas will be performed in India. To learn more about the specific ceremonies and become a sponsor  please click on the links below.  For questions regarding homa and puja sponsorship and prasadam, please contact us using the form below.

Upon the completion of the ceremony you will receive the blessed prasadam from your sponsored homa or puja in the mail for Festival sponsorship. If prasadam is mailed overseas from India, it may take a few weeks. Please be sure to provide an accurate mailing address. Please note that prasadam packets at times do not make it through customs and also do get lost in international mail sometimes. Nevertheless, please rest assured that sankalpa and the puja is done on your behalf.

All of the ceremonies have been selected by Amma for their uniquely protective, purifying, and uplifting vibrations, so that all who attend or sponsor the ceremonies will receive tremendous blessings.

2014 Schedule of Festivals

– Homas, Pujas & Abhishekams –

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