Dakshinayana Shani Trayodashi

Saturday July 18th, 2020 | IST

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Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam
International Headquarters – ‘Sri Puram’
Penchalakona, Nellore District
Andhra Pradesh – 524414, India


The Auspicious Period of Dakshinayana


Dakshinayana is the six-month period between Summer solstice and Winter solstice, when the sun travels towards the south on the celestial sphere. This marks the transition of the Sun into Karkataka raasi (Cancer). This auspicious period starts on Thursday July 16 from 10.22 PM onwards (IST).

Saturday July 18 is the day of the auspicious of Shani Trayodashi. Trayodashi denotes the thirteenth day of the lunar month. This day always falls on a Saturday. On this occasion, special abhishekams will be performed at Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam to the Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Maha Lingam during the pradosha time (the 3 hour period – 1 ½ hours before sunset and 1 ½ hours after sunset which are optimum for Lord Shiva’s worship)

These grand abhishekams will be performed with the following items:

  1. Sesame Oil
  2. River Ganga water
  3. Rose water
  4. Vibhuti (sacred ash)
  5. Cow’s milk

When one does sankalpa and has this powerful Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam performed on one’s name, whatever challenges one is facing from different planetary positions, peace will be attained to all those planets, negative flow of energy around them will subside, bestowing them with immense peace, health, wealth and prosperity.

Planetary peace prevails also to those individuals who meditate during the Brahma muhurta time and have Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam performed both morning and evening.

There are three parts to the Powerful Rudram

  1. Namakam
  2. Chamakam
  3. Purusha Suktam

It becomes one full cycle of Rudram when one chants all the three parts of Rudram while performing the abhishekam.

 Shiva Sankalpa Stotram

“Namakam chamkam chaiva purusha suktam cha yadviyah

mahadevaancha tathulyam tanme manaḥ śivasaṃkalpamastu”


Mahadeva himself knows the elements of the universe, constant and immortal. The light that lives inside one is capable of illuminating what is outside. Mahadeva Sri Arunachaleswara, the creator himself, can suppress and eradicate all calamities from lifetimes of previous births and without whom no actions are possible.

Benefits of performing the Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam as according to the Vedic rituals during the early morning and at pradosha time.

Sri Mahadeva himself unraveled and explained the importance and power of performing Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam on the very auspicious day of Shani Trayodashi to the Brahma manasa putra (Sanskrit meaning—mind-born son),  Sanat-Kumar (The Kumaras are four sages (rishis) who roam the universe as children from the Puranas – Hindu religious texts).

Benefits of performing Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam on the very auspicious day of Shani Trayodashi:

  • When the Rudraabhishekam is performed early morning from 5 am – 6 am and at pradosha time from 5 pm – 6 pm, 7×7 lifetimes of Shani (Saturn) doshas will be diminished.
  • Untimely death can be prevented, and inner glow is rejuvenated
  • Rudram has the powerful effect of reducing the molecules of negative energy and augments the positive energies by creating an illuminous glow in your body aura.
  • Rudram vanquishes the negative forces and mental unrest.
  • It is revealed in the Vedas that chanting just the Rudram is equivalent to chanting all the mantras created.
  • When one has Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam performed on the very auspicious day of Shani Trayodashi with sesame oil, even just by hearing the Shiva Panchakshari mantra, Shani (Saturn) doshas are eradicated.
  • Sesame oil abhishekams should always be performed only at temples and never at homes to prevent any kinds of doshas entering the homes.
  • Shani (Saturn) pujas should only be performed at temples. To receive countless blessings, one should not invite the Shani God into one’s homes.
  • Pujas of any kind to the Navagrahas (nine planets) and Navagraha Shanti pujas should always be performed only at temples and never at homes.
  • Health, wealth, peace and prosperity will be bestowed.
  • Effects of Shani will be reduced with the blessings of Arunachaleswara, revealing that any impossible task will be achieved.
  • There is no rebirth for those who chant the Rudram every day.
  • When the Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam is performed on the very auspicious day of Shani Trayodashi, one attains success and peace prevails in the entire household.

Essential guidelines to follow for those who are performing the Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam:

  1. One cannot lie, mislead, deceive and misguide
  2. One cannot criticize, belittle and condemn others
  3. When the Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam is performed on one’s name, on the very auspicious day of Shani Trayodashi during the early morning and at pradosha time as per Vedic rituals, the impacts of all the unforeseen events, nature calamities, and disasters will be diminished and success in all endeavors will be achieved.
  4. One should consume only satvik vegetarian food.
  5. One should refrain from harming women, young children and all animals.
  6. Even when the above guidelines are followed, if one disrespects a Shiva devotee, he/she is struck with Shiva Dosha.
  7. When Lord Shiva is worshiped with auspicious bilva leaves, all the negative karmas and shani doshas that one has been carrying from the previous 14 lifetimes will be destroyed. Peace, bliss, success and fortune will be bestowed.

Program Details at Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam 

Saturday July 18 (IST)  – Shani Thayodashi,


Sankalpas will be read in the early hours.

Punyahavachana or ritual purification will be performed.

Ritvik varana puja – an ordinary devotee will be given the authority to perform the pujas and abhishekams equally with the vedic priests upon following the rituals.

  • Sri Maha Ganesha abhishekam with sugarcane juice, 5 varieties of cut fruit and milk.
  • Sri Maha Ganesha puja with bilva leaves, grass blades and red hibiscus flowers.
  • Sri Maha Ganesha Ashtotara puja with red roses and 8 coconuts as offering.

The eight forms of suffering, misfortunes and poverty will be destroyed when Maha Ganesha is worshiped with sincere reverence.

Offerings made to Ganesha – 108 Modukas, laddus and 5 varieties of fruit.

Mantrapushpam will be chanted, followed by auspicious ghee lit lamp offerings to Lord Ganesha with Sri Chakra Meru placed in a plate of holy red waters in order to completely ward off all the evil eyes while eliminating all the negative energies, negative spells and omens casted upon an individual.


Abhishekams with the following items will be performed:

  • Sesame oil
  • Holy River ganga water
  • Rose water
  • Vibhuti (sacred ash) mixed with the holy waters from 27 rivers
  • Brahmi Cow milk followed by light and special offerings and Harathi.
  • Special Saffron rice

Following the abhishekams:

  • Decoration of the deities.
  • Puja will be performed with bilva leaves and to further eradicate the negative effects of the Shani (Saturn) doshas, another special puja will be performed with blue Girikarnika Sankham flowers (Aparajita / Butterfly pea).
  • Grand offerings and pure cow ghee lit lamps will be offered to Arunachala Shiva.
  • Shanti mantra will be chanted for world peace and for peace to all individuals.
  • Sponsorship closes at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Friday, July 17th

Panchamukha Arunachaleswara Rudrabhishekam

Appease Lord Shani by having this special Rudra Abhishekam performed on the very auspicious day of Shani Pradosham.

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