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February 22 – March 4, 2021


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March 5, 2021

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In February 2021, Her Holiness Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi will grace the world with a most rare 12-Day event:  Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam.  Performed in keeping with strict Ancient Vedic traditions, this massive undertaking will take place with 400-500 Vedic priests offering hundreds of ingredients to the Sacred Fire, while chanting the Lord’s name many thousands of times, under Amma’s Divine presence at the Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam.

Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam is an incredibly significant and profound ceremony in deep gratitude and honor of the Supreme Consciousness embodied in the form of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva IS compassion, mercy, and true knowledge and grants all sincere and surrendered souls salvation.  The powerful energy of this Maha Yajnam dissolves lifetimes of negative karma, prevents and cures disease, shields us against misfortunate and difficulties, provides wealth and prosperity, gives true knowledge and intelligence, promotes health and longevity, and removes ignorance to shine forth the light of the Supreme Self.

Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam is one of the most auspicious of all Vedic fire ceremonies, and is being performed to calm down global disturbances, natural calamities and unrest in society in order to bring about universal peace and prosperity throughout the world.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this will be a private Maha Yajnam performed at Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam. Therefore devotees will not be able to participate in person. Amma warmly invites you to attend and participate in this blessed event which will be live streamed on social media.


Sri Rudram is a powerful, ancient Vedic hymn taken from the Krishna Yajur Veda, Taittireeya Samhitha.   It praises the attributes of the Supreme Divinity of the Universe, and then requests blessings from the Divine.  When Sri Rudram is chanted thousands of times over a number of days during the auspicious Vedic fire ceremony, the sacred event is called Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam.  This is considered to be the highest form of worship to Lord Shiva, the manifestation of God that is known as limitless, transcendent, unchanging and ultimately formless.  Lord Shiva, who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, grants liberation from the cycle of samsara and is the embodiment of infinite mercy, compassion and love.

Whereas Sri Rudram is commonly chanted in Shaivite temples across India, the complex Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam is extremely rare and is a monumental undertaking to prepare for and perform.  This most sacred yajna will be offered over a period of 11 days, with more than 121 Vedic priests trained in chanting authentic Rudram.  A final day, day 12, is being graciously offered in this program to align with cosmic energy principles in order to make this most sacred Maha Yajnam yield the greatest fruit and blessings.  Thousands of sacred offerings will be made to the homa fire under the guidance of our beloved Amma.


The full power of the Ati Rudram can only be known by avatars and enlightened beings, though its recitation can be experienced through the innumerable benefits that arise when it is chanted.  Sri Rudram, also known as Rudraprasna, is a hymn addressed to worship Lord Shiva, who will grant the devotee immediate relief from all problems and the fulfilment of wishes. Rudra, another name given to Lord Shiva, is the Supreme Divinity of the Universe, who is present in our hearts as the One Eternal Self. Lord Rudra is a ferocious aspect of Lord Shiva, who is the embodiment of destruction and unlimited love.  According to the Rig Veda, one definition of Rudram can be broken down into: Rud meaning sorrow, and Ra meaning destroyer. Thus, Rudram is the One who destroys our sorrows, or more specifically our ignorance, so that the truth of the Absolute Self can shine brightly.

Sri Rudram consists of two parts: the Namakam and Chamakam, with each part having 11 chapters or “anuvakas”. The Namakam sings the Divine attributes of Lord Rudra (or Lord Shiva). Each line in the Namakam includes the word, “nama,” a derivative of the Sanskrit word, “namaha,” meaning, “I bow to”.  In saying the Namakam, a humble devotee bows to God and all of God’s many attributes and manifestations, asking for one’s sins to be forgiven, and invoking the merciful, benevolence of God.

The name of the second part of the Rudram, the Chamakam, is derived from the Sanskrit words, which appear throughout it.  “Cha” and “me,” literally translate into: “and to me be given.”  This portion of the Rudram requests a variety of material and spiritual blessings from the Divine so that one can realize the Self and serve the Lord. There are 11 chapters or “anuvakas” within both the Namakam & Chamakam which is significant, as the number 11 is associated with Lord Shiva.

The special combination of chanting the Namakam and the Chamakam produces the powerful prayer known as Sri Rudram.  As with other Vedic chants, the power becomes highly energized and magnified with repetition.

Routine chanting of Sri Rudram is called “Roopam” and consists of chanting the Namakam once followed by chanting the Chamakam once.


11 recitations of Namakam + 1 anuvaka of Chamakam = “Ekadasa Rudram”

(Preciously, One Rudra Ekadasa is performed when after chanting the Namakam, the 1st anuvaka of Chamakam is chanted afterwards, then another round of Namakam is chanted followed by the 2nd anuvaka of Chamakam, and so on until the 11th chanting of Namakam is followed by the 11th anuvaka of Chamakam)

11 rounds of Ekadasa Rudram chanting = “Laghu Rudram”


11 rounds of Laghu Rudram chanting = “Maha Rudram”


11 rounds of Maha Rudram chanting = “Ati Rudram”.


So there are 14,641 Namakams (11x11x11x11) and 1,331 Chamakams (11x11x11) in 1 Ati Rudram!  With several hundred Vedic priests chanting a Maha Rudram per day, in 11 days one Ati Rudram will be completed.  It is interesting to note that all other yajnams for a specific purpose are performed over a maximum of ten days.  The Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam is the only Vedic fire ceremony that goes beyond ten days to eleven, and is performed for the benefit of all beings throughout the cosmos.

Namakam Total

Chamakam Total

The Sanskrit word “ati” means “ultimate.” Once the math is understood, we can see that tremendous energy is created through multiple repetitions of chanting the Rudram. This energy created through chanting the Sri Rudram is magnified intensely while simultaneously performing two very powerful Vedic rituals: the Yajnam, where numerous offerings are made to the Divine in the Sacred Fire, and Abhishekam- an offering which includes worshipping the Divine with sacred items such as milk, holy waters, brahmi cow ghee, honey, yogurt, and so on. The incredible power and energy generated through such Divine acts, makes Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam the ultimate form of worship to Lord Shiva.


Amma’s only desire is to help humanity and see peace to all humankind. This Maha Yajnam is being performed for the good of all human beings, as well as to ensure universal peace and prosperity. It is, indeed, our good fortune that such a grand Vedic Ritual is being performed in a selfless manner in the auspicious presence of Bhagavati Sri Sri Sri Vijayeswari Devi. The energy available during the performance of this Yajnam is of such a high magnitude that global disturbances are mitigated, the fury of nature is pacified, the karma load of lifetimes is dissolved, diseases are cured and prevented, obstacles and misfortunes are removed, wealth and prosperity flourishes, true knowledge and wisdom is gained, health and longevity is acquired, and the ultimate goal of liberation can be attained.

Very rarely a Yajnam of this significance and magnitude can be witnessed and it provides the unique opportunity for people from all around the world to actually participate in the worship. It is for the whole of humanity to benefit from this great treasure of energy. Ultimately, Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam is here to purify all of humankind, the earth, and the entire cosmos for the Realization of the Absolute Supreme Consciousness.


  • The first day of the program opens with Ganapathi and Navagraha Homas (for removal of all obstacles and the auspicious alignment of planetary forces and energies) as is traditionally done at the beginning of all great pujas, yajnas etc.
  • Regular daily program will consist of ekadasa (11-times) rudra japam along with abhishekam and homas by several hundred vedic priests.
  • Each day in the morning the program will begin at approximately 4 AM (IST) and continue until 1PM, followed by lunch prasadam. The Program will then resume after lunch.
  • Evening program will have abhishekam, archana (worship), Veda chanting, satsang, and discourses by Amma.
  • Grand finale will be on day 12 with the morning program, purnahuti, and Sahasra Chandi Homa.

Detailed Daily Seva Schedule in English & Telugu

Sri Charanas (Divine Feet) of Mahadeva in English & Telugu

Glory of Sri Rudram in English & Telugu

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