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Diwali | October 25 – 29

The Festival of Lights, also known as Diwali or Deepawali is a very auspicious festival celebrated with great enthusiasm, joy, and devotion. Click below for full details!

Karthika Masam | October 28 – November 26

The sacred month of Karthika, which typically falls somewhere between the end of October and the beginning of December, is the most auspicious month of the year for worshipping Lord Shiva and obtaining His grace. Find out more about Karthika and available sponsorships below.

2019 India Meditation Retreats | November 1 - December 24

Join Amma for one, two, three or all eight weeks of meditation retreat at Her Holiness’s serene forest ashram in India.  This year Amma will be offering sadhakas a chance to go deeper in meditation during any, or all five, sessions of meditation during Karthika Masam on Nov. 1st – 30th, as well as three sessions during Margali Masam held Dec. 3rd – Dec.20th, 2019.  Click below for complete details!

2019 Chidambaram Temple Tour | December 1-5

Join Amma as Her Holiness leads a group of very blessed souls to the powerful sacred land of Chidambaram. Click below for complete details!

2019 Ayurveda Retreat Dates and Application | December 25-30

Experience the ancient treasure of Ayurveda as you learn first-hand from Amma in this informative and practical retreat. Click below for complete details!

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