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Navaratri | October 17 - 26

Take full advantage of this extraordinary time of year. Amma has designed each moment of Navaratri, scheduling numerous rituals that will be carried out by traditional Vedic priests at Manidweepa. Get all the details below!

Pre-Navaratri Meditation Retreat | October 2 - 4

Don’t miss this special opportunity to set aside day-to-day concerns and dive deep into the blissful ocean of the Self within.

Nakshatra Shanti Navaratri | Sept. 23 – Oct. 1

Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in this one of a kind nine day ceremony!

Sri Ganesha Chaturthi | August 22 - 31

Sri Ganesha’s powerful energy easily overcomes all obstacles caused by planetary difficulties. A special Nine Night/Ten Day Ganesha Navaratri Festival will be held to perform a unique program called “Sharanagati Sri Maha Ganapati” according to the various methods described in the Vedas. Devotees are encouraged to take full advantage of sponsoring this homa to get abundant blessings of both Sri Ganesha and Amma Sri Karunamayi!

Sri Krishna Janmashtami | August 11-13

Participate in Sri Krishna Janmashtami and receive the blessings of Lord Krishna that provide healing, and eradicate the difficulties associated with the pandemic and Kala Sarpa dosham.

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