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Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam | Early 2021

In response to the Kala Sarpa Doshas, natural calamities, imbalance in nature, karmic disturbances, unrest in society, and turmoil in certain countries, the ancient Vedic Ceremony known at Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam will be performed at Manidweepa Mahasamsthanam for universal peace and prosperity. The official dates for this 11-Day event have not been determined and will be based on Vedic Scholar recommendations. Click below for introductory information on the event

Karthika Masam | November 16 - December 14

The sacred month of Karthika, which typically falls somewhere between the end of October and the beginning of December, is the most auspicious month of the year for worshipping Lord Shiva and obtaining His grace. Find out more about Karthika and available sponsorships below.

Deepawali | November 12 - 14

The Festival of Lights, also known as Deepawali or Diwali is a very auspicious festival celebrated with great enthusiasm, joy, and devotion. Click below for full details about Manidweepa Deepawali 3-Day Utsava!

Navaratri | October 17 - 26

Take full advantage of this extraordinary time of year. Amma has designed each moment of Navaratri, scheduling numerous rituals that will be carried out by traditional Vedic priests at Manidweepa. Get all the details below!

Pre-Navaratri Meditation Retreat | October 2 - 4

Don’t miss this special opportunity to set aside day-to-day concerns and dive deep into the blissful ocean of the Self within.

Nakshatra Shanti Navaratri | Sept. 23 – Oct. 1

Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in this one of a kind nine day ceremony!

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