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Amma’s NEW 2018 Divine Discourse on Diwali

Amma’s Guidelines for Diwali

 Nov 7, 2018

The Festival of Lights, also known as Diwali or Deepawali, is a very auspicious festival celebrated with great enthusiasm, joy, and devotion throughout India and all over the world.  During this beautiful festival, people who follow the Hindu dharma invite Mother Lakshmi into their homes by lighting small lamps all around the home, receiving guests, giving gifts of new clothes, and performing Lakshmi Puja.

In another fun Diwali tradition, children love to light sparklers and firecrackers outside their homes. In cities all across India, one can see entire families out in the streets, laughing and enjoying the fun as children spin with sparklers and set off a multitude of popping firecrackers. This innocent laughter and joy itself signifies the presence of Mother Lakshmi.

The thirteenth day of the month of Aswayuja, or “Aswayuja Trayodasi,” is called Sri Dhana Lakshmi Trayodasi. “Dhana” means wealth, and when people worship Mother Lakshmi on this day, every kind of poverty is burned. Such devotees will gain the great blessings of Sri Dhana Lakshmi to obtain the wealth they need, with the most important treasure being spiritual realization.

This year Diwali falls on the following days:

November 5, 2018 – Dhanteras

November 6, 2018 – Choti Diwali / Kali Chaudas / Naraka Chaturdashi

November 7, 2018 – Main Deepawali / Baddi Diwali (Lakshmi Puja)

November 8, 2017 – Padwa & Govardhan Puja / Pratipat

November 9, 2017 – Bhai Duj / Bhaya Dooj / Bhai Beej

Special Guidelines for Deepawali Sadhana


Wake up before sunrise and take a shower or have a bath, making sure to wash the hair.


Perform any kind of Lakshmi puja, chanting Samputita Sri Suktam. It is very good to offer milk, fruit salad, or sugar pieces to a Sri Chakra or image of Lakshmi while chanting Samputita Sri Suktam. For naivedyam, sweet pongal, milk sweets or other sweets are very auspicious.


In the evening at 6 pm, you can do Lakshmi puja again, chanting Samputita Sri Suktam and offering fruits, milk, and sweets.


Finally, offer harati with eight ghee lamps; this is Sri Ashta Lakshmi Harati because eight lights are being offered for the eight main forms of Mother Lakshmi.


During these three days of Deepawali, avoid all six inner enemies–anger, lust, ignorance, greed, jealousy, arrogance and pride. It is also very good to maintain silence as much as possible and avoid unnecessary talking.

In Samputita Sri Suktam, the Rig Vediya Maha Lakshmi Mantra is repeated 16 times. In this mantra, which begins “Om Srim Hrim Srim,” the powerful “Srim” bijakshara is repeated four times. Amma has said that the Srim bijakshara attracts solar energy to the body to make one’s mind and heart as bright as the sun. This sacred sound attracts the light of Lakshmi Devi, which then surrounds us and prevents negativity from entering our hearts or minds. On the mystical level, this sound helps to activate the divine kundalini energy and invokes the supreme light of highest spiritual consciousness. In the symbolic mythology of ancient India, Sri Dhana Lakshmi emerged from the infinite ocean of milk when the gods and demons churned this ocean. This story signifies the churning of consciousness that happens when we practice sadhana, and promises us that if we practice with determination, Mother Lakshmi will emerge from the ocean of consciousness and fill our minds with the auspicious wealth of spiritual enlightenment. Spiritually, Deepawali corresponds to the time when Sri Dhana Lakshmi appeared from the milky ocean to bless all the gods, so this is a very, very auspicious time for worshipping Sri Dhana Lakshmi.

This year a very special and auspicious Diwali Lakshmi Homa

will be performed at Manidweepa on Nov 7, 2018

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