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 Student Retreat and Sri Saraswati Mantra Diksha

Nov 12 -14, 2016 for ages 10 – 23


Come and experience 3 divine days with Her Holiness Bhagavathi Sri Sri Sri Vijayeshwari Devi. Students will have the rare opportunity to spend three days with Amma learning the art and science of living to their fullest potential. Under Amma’s compassionate care students are sure to realize the fullest of their potential.  During the first two of the retreat learn and experience the sacred Saraswati mantra, with it’s powerful bija mantras Aim, Srim and Hrim.  By chanting this sacred mantra students receive Sri Saraswati Devi’s grace for intellectual, increased memory power, artistic skills, creative potential, virtuosity, and ability to communicate. On the final day of the retreat, November 14th, the student will receive the mantra directly from Amma Herself during a one-on-one initiation when Amma will inscribe the sacred mantra on the tongue of the student using a tulasi stem dipped in honey.

Students also learn the noble art of meditation and brain yoga with all of its countless benefits so that they may live more peaceful, successful, and prosperous lives. The calmness that they find within also allows them to develop greater appreciation for their parents, siblings and other family members.  Many parents have reported the noticeable difference they see in their children after the retreat, specifically noticing that their children show more consideration, respect and tenderness.

Children also learn the importance of re-connecting with Nature.  The natural beauty of Amma’s forest ashram allows students to escape the chaos of city life and experience the abundant green spaces of the Penusila forest.  Amma gives ayurveda lessons to all the children and teaches them the value of natural remedies and simple recipes they can use to have more energy, concentration, and intellectual power, as well as for boosting their immune system and healing from sickness.

Give Your Children the gifts of Wisdom and Dharma

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