This Navaratri will culminate with the 60th Birthday of Her Holiness, our Beloved Amma Sri Karunamayi.  To commemorate this most auspicious occasion, we will be conducting a drive to help support and maintain the Lalita Devi Shakti Peetham, Amma’s temple dedicated to the sacred feminine and the worship of the Divine Mother.

Your support is greatly needed and any contribution is appreciated.  We hope to meet and surpass our goal of offering $60,000 toward maintaining this earthly home of the Mother Goddess.

Lalita Devi in Amma's Temple

Give Your Support Today

In order to ensure that the Divine Mother temple is here for generations and generations to come, we invite everyone to contribute whatever amount possible to this most noble endeavor through a one-time or recurring contribution.  There is no better way to celebrate Amma’s 60th Birthday than receiving the blessing of supporting this special temple dedicated to the Goddess, Sri Lalita Parameshwari Devi. Jai Karunamayi!

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10-Day Annadanam – Feed People for Navaratri

There is no seva more dear Amma to than providing Her Holiness’s children with hot, fresh, nourishing meals. Amma has said that so many of the merits that we gain can slowly be depleted over time, like water dripping out of a cracked vessel. But the benefits that we receive from Annadanam will never diminish. By supporting this noble cause, sponsors will be helping feed the tens of thousands Divine Mother devotees that will attend the Navaratri Celebrations at the ashram. Annadanam sponsors will also receive energized prasadam from the Navaratri Homas and Pujas.


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