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Maha Shiva Shakti Yajnam

Om Namaste Rudrarupaya Amruta Jnana Rasaanaam Pataye Namaha
Shankaraya Namastestu Mama Papam Vimochaya Shiva Shivaa

Salutations to the divine, brilliant form of Sri Rudra Bhagavan, Salutations to the One who owns and bestows the nectar of Divine Knowledge. By chanting ‘Shankara’ all sins are destroyed. O Shiva, liberate me from all my sins.


What is the Maha Shiva Shakti Yajnam?

From May 5th to May 14th of this year, the Maha Shiva Shakti Yajnam will be performed at the SRIM Center, located at 285 Julie Lane in Forsyth, GA. Two sacred chants — the Sri Rudram and the Sri Lalita Sahasranama will be a recited by hundreds in attendance during this Maha Yajnam literally means ‘Great Offering’. This program is a 10-day fire ceremony in praise of the Divine Mother Shakti and the Father Lord Shiva that has the power to transform the world and human consciousness.
See the complete program details here, including how to prepare for the program, a list of rare powerful rituals that will be performed during the event, the benefits of participating and the impact this event will have on or world.
All are welcome to attend and participate—leave behind the differences of gender, religion, creed, and nationality.  It is not necessary to know the Lalita Sahasranama  or the Rudram to attend or to be a participant in the yajnam.

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Who is conducting this program?

This program is being performed under the guidance of Amma Sri Karunamayi. Amma Sri Karunamayi is revered around the world as embodiment of unconditional, divine love.  She is has initiated numerous humanitarian projects around the world through the SMVA Trust, a non-profit organization founded in 1995. Since then Sri Karunamayi has worked tirelessly to empower women and girls and to inspire everyone to live a life of selfless service and love for all.
In the previous years, Maha Yajnam dedicated to the Goddess Shakti as well as to Lord Shiva have been conducted independently at the SRIM Cetner. This year for the first time, a 10-day offering will be made to both Shiva and Shakti.   The program will be one of several powerful prayers for the benefit of humanity that have been conducted  by Her Holiness.  For more information about Amma Sri Karunamayi and Her Holiness’ mission of alleviating suffering from humanity please visit:  www.karunamayi.org.



The Shanti Kalasam Blessings
Final Day of the Program

On the final day of the event, a rare and powerful blessing will be given to everyone in attendance. For the first time at the SRIM Center, Vedic preists will install the Shanti Kalasam. The Shanti Kalasam is a sacred vessel containing the waters from 1,008 rivers around the world.  Throughout the event, the waters inside the Shanti Kalasam will be energized by Vedic ritual and the recitations of Vedic mantras.  At the conclusion of the event, this sanctified water will be sprinkled on the heads of all those in attendance, clearing mountains of karma while promoting mental peace and contentment.

Special ‘Irumudi’ Offering on the Final Day of the Maha Shiva Shakti Yajnam

During this year’s Maha Shiva Shakti Yajnam, those in attendance will have rare opportunity to eradicate mountains of karma from their life by carrying the auspicious irumudi on their heads.  The irumudi will be offered first to Durga Devi and then into the sacred fire as part of the Purnahoothi (final offering) of this awesome program.

Important Program Update:  Attendance at the Maha Shiva Shakti Yajnam kindly requires dress code as follows:  Everyone attending the program is expected to be in the deeksha vastrams–that is, ladies are to wear both the red sarees or golden sarees; men are to wear Yellow dhoti and shalwa.  These are available at the event as well as help for you to dress in traditional clothing.





Be a part of this awesome event. Simply attending the program is free and open to the public. Participating in the event to perform the fire ceremonies (during any or all of the 10 days) requires an application and nominal fee. Participants do not need to know the Lalita Sahasranama. Whether you’re thinking of participating or simply wish to attend here is where you need to register.

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Travel & Lodging

The SRIM Center is located on a 28-acre serene landscape in Forsyth, GA and the site of Sri Shirdi Baba Mandir. Local hotels near the SRIM Center have agreed to provide accommodations to those people attending the event at discounted rates. Here is where you will find all of these details and much more including shuttle service from Atlanta’s International Airport.

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Receive the benefits without attending in person by sponsoring these sacred ceremonies. Sponsors of the event will have ceremonies performed on their behalf as well as on the behalf of their family members. Sponsors will also receive blessed items from the event that carry the divine vibrations of the Maha Shiva Shakti Yajnam. Sponsorship is now open!

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Learn Sri Lalita Sahasranama

 Download the files to learn this sacred chant from Amma herself. 


Sri Lalita Sahasranama Text

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